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Cybera ONE

The most widely used cloud platform to enable digital transformation, deliver application security, and provide managed SD-WAN services tailored for the fuel retail industry
Cybera One

Integrated Network

Supports multiple functions (security, routing, local segmentation, wireless, and more)

Secure Remote Access

Edge device is POS network-certified to deliver secure remote access with companies such as VeriFone, Gilbarco, NCR, Toshiba, Diebold Nixdorf, and Wayne


Allows all branded, branded wholesaler, and third-party apps to run securely on the same device

Provided "as a service"

No one time cost and supported as evergreen

Reduce Hardware Footprint

Eliminate third-party onsite devices such as POS routers and switches

Remote Network Monitoring

The Management Portal provides remote network monitoring and insight for end users

Complies Regulatory Needs

Edge device complies regulatory needs: GDPR, PCI, EMV and country certifications

How It Works


Robust Security


Cost Savings

Simplified Network Management

Optimised Performance & Reliability

Greater Scalability


Centralised Management

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Purpose-Built for Distributed Enterprises

Secure, segmented, compliant cloud-based managed network services accelerate your business and reduce technology fatigue

  • Serving over 100,000 locations globally


and many more
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The first retail vertical IoT integrated platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar retailers

RetailNext is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimizing the shopper experience.

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Shopper Behaviour

Entrance People Count, Conversion Rate & Occupancy
Loss Prevention & Security
Interior Zone Analysis
Full Path Analysis

Entrance People Count

  • Predict Traffic Levels
  • Analyze in-store traffic patterns and align staffing levels to peak periods and store KPIs. Utilise predictive shopper traffic trends to forecast peak hours and shopping behaviour patterns, optimizing operations and marketing while maintaining inventory and enhancing in-store promotions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • RetailNext's AI platform uses multiple data sources, including historical traffic and weather data, to predict your future store traffic


Monitor live occupancy metrics Gain insights into store density metrics such as occupancy thresholds and limits — across all stores, in real-time. Utilize data to forecast traffic trends and staffing levels. Access information on the go using the user interface or mobile application.

Ensure compliance and communicate findings Use reports to identify high-traffic areas and notify teams when store limits are reached. Communicate data with shoppers by providing visibility into occupancy metrics prior to visits.

Integrate data with other technologies Easily connect the API to end user applications such as virtual queuing apps, customer-facing digital signage or labor and task management tools.

Loss Prevention & Security

Mitigate Financial Risk

Investigate efficiently by viewing live and recorded video for any store at any time. Save relevant clips without sacrificing bandwidth, and with one-click, export data including watermarked video or snapshots.

Investigate On The Go

Remotely investigate with web and mobile applications.

Fast-track Investigations

Identify risks early with easy-to-use features, including the ability to review individual transactions tied to video.

Detect Fraud Early

Easily view POS exceptions such as transactions when no shopper is present, cash refunds, post voids and discounts. Automatically rank stores and cashiers by at-risk and suspicious behaviors.

Reduce Costs

Reduce overall organization investment with a cross-department platform applicable to Store Operations, Marketing & other functions. Integrate with Loss Prevention hardware already in place or deploy the latest innovations.

Interior Zone & Full Path Analysis

Kinetic Map

Enables full store tracking that identify the areas of the store that are the most popular. The Kinetic Heat Map shows areas from the store that are most frequented

Dwell Zone

Identify how many customers stay in a particular area and the key areas of your store have the longest dwell time. The system is able to measure the average dwell time for each area of the store.

Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 11.19.44 AM

Staff Exclusion

Staff can be separated from your data, resulting in accurate customer data accumulation. The system can calculate staff engagement rates automatically by using the staff data collected against customer data collected and also identify the areas which require more staff attention and accurately reorganise resources based on the data

Directional Mapping

Directional Mapping identifies the direction of the path that the customers are taking upon entering the store. The system further identifies analyses the number of customers going in a particular path and the store will be able to distinguish the popular paths most customers take upon entering the store. Business can use this data to effectively plan more promotional & sales materials.

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Maximise security infrastructure with the most powerful security monitoring platform

The command center for CCTV control rooms that manages the flow of threat detection from identification to dispatch

Enables your control room with

Preventive & Proactive Monitoring

Greater operator bandwidth

Improve quality of service with threat management

Powerful Analytics

Cutting edge models designed to scale that make real-time detection viable in any environment

No Rip and Replace

Camera agnostic platform that optimizes existing hardware and removes setup costs

False-Alarm Filtering

Dramatically increase operator capacity with over 95% reduction in false-alarms


Intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows anyone to onboard, create rules, and manage cameras in seconds


Automatically track incidents across multiple cameras to improve operator capacity. Review events, add notes, and tap into live streams through one simple dashboard


Keep track of events that matter in handy investigation folders where you can coordinate with the team and the client


Effortlessly manage your ecosystem at scale with instant site onboarding, mass-rule creation and real-time camera health monitoring